Honor Band Schedule




Wagoner High School




Monday, April 5     

4:30pm           Everyone arrive and begin to be seated (Must wear a mask)

High School- Auditorium

Junior High- High School Gym

Seventh Grade- Middle School Gym

Jazz Band- Wrestling Room

5:00pm           Rehearsal Starts

8:00pm           Rehearsal completed.

Tuesday, April 6

 8:45am           Everyone arrive and begin to be seated (Must wear a mask)

9:00am           Rehearsal Begins

 10:30am         Break

12:00pm        Lunch break for ALL bands (lunch will be provided for the students)

1:00pm           Afternoon rehearsals begin

3:00pm           15 minute Break

4:30pm           Dinner break for ALL bands (dinner is on your own)

6:30pm           Report for Concert–Be dressed and in assigned seats

7:00pm           CONCERT in Performing Arts Center

Parents will be allowed in auditorium 10 minutes before the concert begins

(Masks will be required by all audience members)

Seventh Grade Band   7:00 pm

Junior High Band         7:30 pm

High School Band        8:00 pm

Jazz Band                    8:30 pm


The concert will be live streamed at:       www.wagonertv.com

MEOBDA Audition Information Update

I know there are a lot of questions regarding the audition submission process. The audition submissions will be audio files. You may record these however you choose and will then be submitting the audio files. It’s up to you when you make these recordings. If you feel your students are peaking now and are ready, go ahead and record them. If you aren’t sure of a way to make recordings, let me know and I can help talk with you about what technology you have available and how you might best use it to prepare your recordings.
I’m going to ask that everyone finish entering their students in the audition system by Friday, February 12. I’ll then go ahead and get things up for people to go ahead and start submitting their recordings. All recordings will need to be completed and submitted by Friday, March 5.
I’ll be sharing links to Google Drive folders where you’ll be submitting your recordings. I’ll send instructions on how the files are to be named once submissions are open.
NOTE the Friday deadline for entries and the March 5 deadline for recording submission applies to both concert and jazz auditions.

Extended Dates

Directors, I hope you and your families are doing well in the new year. I have had a few directors reach out about extending the entry deadline for the audition dates. I’m not sure how many of you have had students regularly or very little at all. I know we have not seen our kids here in Wagoner since before Thanksgiving break. Due to  the clinic not being held until the beginning of April the board has decided to give extra time to accommodate for the ongoing changing times. We recommend that if your students are ready to be recorded you take the time and record them before upload week just incase of any quarantine measures at your school. We are still planning to have an in person clinic using 4 different locations within our school. If you are a school that does not plan on being apart of this years clinics please email me so that we can make adjustments. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know and I will see if we can help. Please mark your calendars with the updated dates.

The music can be printed off at the website www.meobda.org .

If you are listed below as a chairperson I will be contacting you soon to get your help with music and clinicians. I hope each of you are still interested in holding this seat.
Audition Information
February 22nd-27th – Enter students for audition (Matt will share login information about 2 weeks before date)
March 1st-6th – Recording of students uploaded to a Google Drive (Drive will be set up by Matt and shared with each of you)
March 8th-12th – Judging assignments will be set and auditions will be judged
March 13th – Results will be posted
April 5th & 6th – Clinic at Wagoner Public SchoolsChairperson for Clinic
High School- Valerie Goforth, Rejoice Christian
Junior High-  Lindsey Manley, Foyil
7th Grade- Matt Tilus, Dewey
Jazz Band-  Trevor Berger, Fairland
Thanks for everything you do to educate young minds.
Jeremy Williams – MEOBDA President
Wagoner Band

Honor Band Clinics Canceled

Fellow Directors,

I hope you are having a well deserved and relaxing spring break. We, the officers of MEOBDA, have been in contact to discuss the upcoming 1st & 2nd year honor band and jazz band clinics to be held in April. Recently the State Education Department has decided all public schools will be closed thru April 3rd. If we indeed go back to school on April 6th we feel this doesn’t allow ample time to prepare for this event nor do the students need to miss any further school. I’ve looked at possible dates to reschedule but with testing beginning in April and the uncertainties of our current situation we have decided to cancel this years 1st and 2nd year honor band and jazz band clinics.

I am prepared to mail out patches to all Jazz Members that made the group. Please be on the lookout for the patches to be coming in the mail. If you are a chairperson for this event would you please reach out to your clinician to pass on this information? When you get a chance would you please settle up all balances you may have with MEOBDA. We hope to have all finances squared away before the end of the school year.

While missing at least an extra 2 weeks of school will increase your stress level due to concerts and contests quickly approaching. Please remember we teach this subject to give students an experience. When we return to our classroom remember to not stress about the things we’ve had no control over and enjoy your time with these students building positive experiences. Those experiences and memories will last a lifetime.
I wish you all the best in the weeks to come. If you ever need anything please don’t hesitate reaching out to me. Thanks for all you do.
Jeremy Williams
MEOBDA President
Wagoner Band

2020 MEOBDA Honor Band Schedule at Oologah High School


February 3rd and 4th, 2020 

Oologah High School


Monday, Feb 3rd

4:00 PM Jazz Band Auditions – Warm up location will be posted upon arrival

Directors: All students auditioning for the jazz band must be in the band room

at 3:45 to get their audition card.  Please be on time so that our Clinicians can begin rehearsal on time.


****Concession Stand will be open for dinner and breaks****


5:00 PM           Concert band seating begins

7th Grade – MS Band Room     

                        Jr. High – HS Band Room

                        HS – Stage

5:15 PM           Rehearsals begin.

6:30 PM           Jr. High break

6:45 PM           Jr. High rehearsal resumes

6:45 PM           High School break

7:00 PM           High School rehearsal resumes

8:00 PM           Rehearsals end.


Tuesday, Feb 4th

9:00AM           Rehearsals begin – Same Locations as Monday

10:20AM         Jr. High break

10:35AM         Jr. High rehearsal resumes

10:25AM         High School Break

10:40AM         High School rehearsal resumes

12:00 pm        Lunch

1:30PM            Rehearsals resume (HS/JH SWITCH


Jr. High – Stage

High School – HS Band

1:45PM       Director’s Meeting

3:00PM        Break

3:20PM        Rehearsal resumes – Director’s Meeting  resumes as needed                       4:30PM        7th Grade Percussion to Stage for setup.

5:00PM        Rehearsal ends/ Break for Dinner

6:30PM        Bands dressed & seated in Rehearsal Area, ready to go.                               7:00PM       Concert Begins

***7th Grade Breaks will be determined as needed by the Chairman and Clinician***





MEOBDA Honor Band at oologah

Registration Instructions

MEOBDA Online Registration Instructions

You must create a new account each year. Your username and password from last year will not work. Follow the instructions below


  1. Go to http://audition.meobda.org
  2. Click “Create Account.” This link is below the login button.
  3. Where it says, registration code enter: meobda20
  4. On the left side, enter the information for your school
  5. On the right side, enter the name, email address, cell phone and judging preference for each director on your staff. The head director should be listed first.
  6. If you have more than 5 directors on staff, the head director should login then add them by going to “My Registration” then “My Staff.”
  7. Click “Create Account”
  8. Each director will receive an email with their username and password.
  9. Login to http://audition.meobda.org with the username and password you received in email.
  10. For each student, enter their information and click “Enter Student.”
  11. If you need to remove an entry, click the trashcan next to their entry line.
  12. You can click “My Bill” to get a listing of your entries to turn in to your central office to have payment sent. I’ll send out invoices after the deadline if your office prefers that .