Audition Info

High School / Junior High Auditions / 7th Grade

January 20, 2020

Cleveland High School

Entry fee is $6.00 per entry

Jazz Band Auditions

February 3, 2020

Oologah High School

Entry fee is $6.00 per entry

9th Graders may audition for the Jr. High and/or HS Band. Those auditioning for both bands must pay a $6.00 audition fee for each instrument they audition on for each band. (A 9th grade trumpet player auditioning for the Jr. High and HS band would pay $12.00; a 9th grade sax player auditioning on alto and tenor for the Jr. High and HS band would pay $24.00).

9th Graders, auditioning for both Jr. High and HS, who score well enough to be in the HS band will be placed in the HS band.

The entry fee for the first and second year band is $9.00 and includes lunch. The audition fee for the Jazz Band is $6.00 and they may bring $3.00 the day of the clinic if they wish to eat the food provided at the clinic site.

First and second year

Students are selected by director recommendation. Directors may being up to 9 students for each band, but no more than one drummer or two alto saxes for either. Entry fee is $9.00 and includes lunch.