Audition Etudes

Set Schedule


Year High School Junior High Jazz Band
2022-2023 Set 3 Set 3 Set 3
2023-2024 Set 4 Set 1 Set 1

High School

* Individual files for set 1 are in progress. There is a file for brass, one for woodwinds, and one for percussion containing all parts
* String Bass players should use the trombone etudes. HS string bass players must play on acoustic upright.

Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4
Flute fluteHS1 fluteHS2

updated Sept. 2013
FluteHS3 FluteHS4
Oboe OboeHS1 OboeHS2

updated Sept. 2013
OboeHS3 OboeHS4
Clarinet ClarHS1 ClarinetHS2

updated Sept. 2013
ClarHS3 ClarHS4
Bass Clarinet ClarHS1 BsClarHS2

updated Sept. 2013
ClarHS3 BassClarHS4
Contrabass Clarinet ContraHS1 EbContraHS2

updated Sept. 2013
ContraHS3 ContraHS4
Alto and Bari Sax EbSaxHS1 EbSaxesHS2

updated Sept. 2013
EbSaxHS3 EbSaxHS4
Tenor Sax BbSaxHS1 TenorSaxHS2

updated Sept. 2013
BbSaxHS3 BbSaxHS4
Horn HornHS1

updated Nov. 2016

updated Sept. 2013
HornHS3 HornHS4
Euphonium T.C.
TrumpetHS1 TrumpetHS2

updated Sept. 2013
TrumpetHS3 TrumpetHS4
Euphonium B.C.
BoneHS1 BoneHS2

updated Sept. 2013
BoneHS3 BoneHS4
Tuba TubaHS1 TubaHS2

updated Sept. 2013
TubaHS3 TubaHS4
Percussion PercussionHS1 PercussionHS2 PercussionHS3 MEOBDA HS Percussion – Cycle 4

Junior High

Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Flute FluteJH1 FluteJH2 FluteJH3
Oboe OboeJH1 OboeJH2 OboeJH3
Bass Clarinet
Euphonium T.C.
ClarJH1 ClarJH2 ClarJH3
Contrabass Clarinet ContraJH1 ContraJH2 ContraJH3
Alto and Bari Sax EbSaxJH1 EbSaxJH2 EbSaxJH3
Tenor Sax BbSaxJH1 BbSaxJH2 BbSaxJH3
Horn HornJH1 HornJH2 HornJH3
Euphonium B.C.
BoneJH1 BoneJH2 BoneJH3
Tuba TubaJH1 TubaJH2 TubaJH3
Percussion PercussionJH1 PercussionJH2 PercussionJH3

7th Grade

7th Grade Etudes
7th Flute
7th Bassoon
7th Clarinet
7th Bass Clarinet
7th Contrabass Clarinet
7th Alto Sax
7th Tenor Sax
7th Bari Sax
7th Trumpet
7th Horn
7th Trombone
7th Euphonium TC
7th Euphonium BC
7th Tuba
7th Percussion

Jazz Band

All instruments play the selected etudePiano will comp with left hand and play the melody with right handBass will play the etude first time through, then repeat, playing a walking bass line using the chord symbols the second time through.Guitar play the chord changes the first time through, then repeat, playing the melody only
Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Full Set link jazz2 jazz3
Alto and Bari Sax EbSaxJazz1 EbSaxJazz2 EbSaxJazz3
Tenor Sax BbSaxJazz1 TrumpetTenorJazz2 TrumpetTenorJazz3
Trumpet TrumpetJazz1 TrumpetTenorJazz2 TrumpetTenorJazz3
BoneBassJazz1 BoneBassJazz2 BoneBassJazz3
PnoGtrJazz1 PnoGtrJazz2 PnoGtrJazz3
Drums DrumsJazz